What People Are Saying About Our Snacks

“My family loved the Luscious Cranberry Coconut granola balls, which my son said had a surprisingly satisfying shape!  They make a great snack!”


“If You Have A Sweet Tooth Like Me, These Granola Balls Will MORE Than Satisfy! They Are Delicious And A Healthy Alternative To The Unhealthy Snacks We Feed Ourselves!! I Loved Them!! 5 Stars In My Book!!!”


“The granola bites are heavenly! Far superior to anything you can buy commercially. They stop my tummy from growling until I can get lunch so they are the perfect snack in between meals.”


“They granola balls are sooo good!!! I love to eat them during school so I don't get hungry during class especially when I don't get time to make breakfast; it's the perfect substitute. And let's just say these granola balls are so healthy.”


“I’ve been working as a model and actor for 38 years now and I’m into healthy eating and believe the body needs great foods to run properly!! These snacks are healthy and tastes great I take them with me for my mid day snack!!! Live healthy”


“I am the type of person who works out often and I love being able to snack on something light and healthy. The Brooklyn Granola Balls are the perfect snack, not only are they light and healthy, but the nutritional value and size of the balls are a perfect balance. I would recommend these delicious bite-size snacks to anyone who enjoys a granola.”


“Brooklyn Granola has quality products that not only taste good but are good for you! packed with protein and flavor!”


“These delicious granola balls are perfect for snacking. The bite size snack is a great addition to my morning shakes  and great for my weekend hikes. Loving the sassy mango.”


“Being a student and an employee, I find it hard to fit a healthy meal in my busy schedule. Brooklyn Granola grants you immediate gratification providing you with great nutritional benefit. It is very yummy, healthy, and convenient!”