We Want You To Know What You'll Eat When You Eat Our Snacks


We’re Brooklyn Granola located in Brooklyn, New York, where organic rolled oats are slow roasted and toasted to create healthy and delicious small batches of granola balls, which are carefully infused with real nut and seed proteins (healthy fats), dried fruit and spices, and love. We strongly believe in ethically sourcing organic ingredients and selling our products at a fair price to our customers. We source organic, nonGMO, and our products feature nuts, seeds and dried fruit which are gluten-free thanks to Mother Nature. We hand roll every ball which makes them perfectly imperfect. Their small size and roundness make them easy to pop right into your mouth. "It's like nougat meets chewy!" With each chew, you get more and more of the flavors from all the ingredients. We are the only company to combine vegan marshmallow as a binder, granola and our special balance of flavors to make a healthy vegan granola ball snack.

Our product is low in sugar. The sugar comes from the marshmallow (sugar cane and tapioca) and there is added sugar that comes from the cranberries which are sweetened with apple juice.  Our product is low in sodium. We add salt to bring out the flavors and it also helps to preserve the combined ingredients. Our product is low in carbohydrates and fats.  And, we all like a low calorie snack: 120 per serving. You can eat 6 of the cranberry and coconut balls and 7 of the mango masala. You get 4 servings in each resealable package.

We're going to be honest: they're hard to stop eating once you start. Healthy snacks can taste delicious--that was the goal for Margaret Barrow, the Founder. As a health-conscious foodie, she was tired of eating healthy snacks that just didn’t taste good. So, she created better tasting and healthier options that bring value to our customers’ lives.  

Try our granola ball snacks: Sassy Mango Masala--a perfect combination of mango and savory masala, Luscious Cranberry Coconut--loaded with cranberries and coconut. Decadent Chewy Chocolate is coming! Look out for the August 2020 launch. Pst. It's a hit! 

Allergens & Warnings: Contains tree nuts and soy.