Menopause and Snacking

Dear Snackers:

Eating a healthy snack makes an enormous difference when you're experiencing the menopause days/months/years. Trust me, the Founder of Brooklyn Granola. I'm 53, about to be 54, and in my fifth year of menopause. I’m a snacker like 94%-96% of Americans, and like others I snack a few times a day. In my younger years, I could snack on anything I wanted and never worried about the consequences. I worked out 5-6 times a week. I had boundless energy. That energy was there when I was pregnant with my two daughters too. So, my workout scheduled never changed. Then overtime, I noticed significant unwanted changes in my body and my emotions. My gynecologist confirmed to me that I was experiencing peri-menopause. The night sweats were a nightmare and the snacking was slowly creeping on the pounds. My body was betraying me, so I thought. A couple of years later, I was full blown menopause. I was 15 pounds heavier than I had ever been, hot flashing what felt like every 20-30 minutes. And my snacking had increased. I was snacking on what I thought were healthy snacks, but then I started to read the labels more carefully and discovered that I really needed to take stock of what was happening to my body, which was tied to my emotions, and take some action. I wasn’t about to give up snacking. That was just the reality, so I decided to create my own snack — one I created because I cared about my body, and also my state of mind.

As someone who has eaten organic and been a vegetarian practically all my life, I felt like I had no excuse for snacking on faux healthy snacks. These snacks were also creating havoc on my digestive system. Prior to creating my new snacks, I decided to go vegan to save my digestion (as a vegetarian I was eating cheese and egg whites). So in choosing to make my own snacks, I wanted to focus on ingredients that were gentle on digestion. I love the fact that I’ve chosen to use seeds in my snacks: flaxseed, chia seed, sunflower seed and pumpkin seed - all good for digestion with important health benefits.  Eating the organic snacks I created instead of the organic snacks I used to eat has made a difference in the way my body feels especially my digestive track. Since I started eating my granola ball snacks, I’ve found that I don’t snack as often because they fulfill my cravings. I honestly eat about 6-10 granola ball snacks per day. I spread them out throughout the day. I find myself eating them often when I’m in the car stuck in traffic, mid morning and as a pre-dinner snack.

I like snacking and I can still do that during menopause, but I’m snacking with care — caring about what my snacks do to my body and mind.

 Just thought I’d share my story with you.

 Thank you for reading it.


Pst. Read this article. I found it quite informative: