Dear Snackers

Dear Snackers:

What an amazing journey we're on. I never dreamed that one day I would be an entrepreneur like I am today. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to share my passion for healthy food with others. Thank you for supporting us on this journey. We look forward to making this company competitive and profitable so that we can reach one of our main goals: to purchase a building in NYC and take care of 3-5 community college students while they complete their Associate Degrees. We hope to work with other charities to fulfill this goal. We are motivated and inspired by so many of the community college students who persevere against so many odds. We hope to make a few lives less challenging while pursuing their first degree.

We will use this page to let you know what's happening with our growth as a company and an entrepreneur. And, we'll use this page to highlight the benefits of our granola ball snack ingredients.

"Snacking with Care -- Let's make a lifestyle out of it!"